walktheline (2010)
mirrors, light

The mighty pairs of columns that march through Boston Manor Park have gained some strange additions. With hundreds of mirrors of all types and sizes, found at tips, junk yards and flea markets, the columns of the overpass are dressed in sequins. The mirrors liberate the forgotten space; domestic artefacts out of context which implore the viewer to acknowledge their part in the life of the city. From a distance they call with glints and sparkles through the strange landscape.
Some of the mirrors are old, some new, some broken, some peeling, but all are everyday things, the residue of hundreds of small prayers to vanity, life and hope. Within the sequins is hidden a pattern. Some of the mirrors are angled in specific ways, and when a blue laser beam is fired at the correct panel, an entire canopy of light is formed under the carriageway;
A series of spaces described in a single beam of light, bouncing instantly from mirror to mirror, to create a new myth, a city of light for a weightless age. This is an echo of a future place, destined to stand here in times to come, a place where rooms, corridors, elevators and roads are no longer made from slow, static, analogue components. One day our houses will be built purely of light.